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Easy Asset Management

Asset Management aids in maintaining records and details of computer systems and hardware parts, milk analysers and DPU’s (Data Processing unit). Keeps track of all the information regarding the distribution of all the assets to the various milk centres. This module ensures that a company’s  assets are maintained, accounted for, and put to their highest and best use.

Features of Asset Management by EasyDairyERP

  • Electronic Assets – Computer / AMCU parts
  • Village to AMCU Configuration 
  • SIM management
  • Change Management
  • Service Management
  • Cleaning Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Service Visit Logging
  • Service manpower and TA & DA
  • Service Costing (Service Visits)
  • Operation Costing (Cleaning Chem, SIM Cost, Commission Link from Procurement)
  • Equipment Service Scrutiny
  • GPS-based Service Logging Mobile app
  • Data fail Analysis GPS-based Mobile App
  • Service recommendation-based Mobile app
  • and Much More ….